2n3904 b331 transistor datasheet s5151

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2n3904 b331 transistor datasheet s5151

S5151 0mA transistor I' m having a hard datasheet time understanding what that means exactly. datasheet The 2N3904 is common general- b331 purpose low- power NPN transistor used amplifying b331 2n3904 or switching applications. Bipolar ( 2n3904 BJT) Transistor PNP 40V 200mA 250MHz 625mW Through Hole TO- 2n3904 92- 3. If you calculate the current for the base input with Ohm' s Law,. Please consult the most recently s5151 issued data sheet before initiating or completing a design.

2N3904 Datasheet. The product status of the device( s) described datasheet in this data sheet may have changed since this s5151 data sheet was published. It states that the Base- b331 Emitter Saturation Voltage b331 has the following specs: Ic = 10mA Ib = 1. 2N3904 Transistor and Specifications. datasheet 0mA Ic = 50mA Ib = s5151 5. 2N2906 2N2906A 2N2907 2N2907A 2n3904 PNP SILICON TRANSISTOR DESCRIPTION: The CENTRAL SEMICONDUCTOR 2N2906, 2N2907 series types are silicon PNP epitaxial planar transistors. 2n3904 b331 transistor datasheet s5151.

It is typically used for low- current , medium voltage moderate speed purposes. NPN switching transistor 2N3904 DATA SHEET STATUS Notes 1.

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2n3903 datasheet transistor mmbt3904 2n3906 b331 bd135 datasheet uf4004 datasheet 2n3904 datasheet pdf. 2n3904 transistor datasheet pdf 1n41c51 datasheet. You' ll learn to Identify a Transistor, understand the information described in a transistor datasheet, and learn the symbols used to identify the type of tra. 2N3903 Datasheet, 2N3903 PDF, 2N3903 Data sheet, 2N3903 manual, 2N3903 pdf, 2N3903, datenblatt, Electronics 2N3903, alldatasheet, free, datasheet, Datasheets, data. If you are using for commercial purpose then it is better to have a look at the datasheet.

2n3904 b331 transistor datasheet s5151

between 2N3904 B331,. use a 2N3904 transistor to make a mini Tesla? 2N2222 Low Power Bipolar Transistors.